Over the long weekend, C and I decided to take a drive out to the small country town of Narbethong. We had packed a portable gas stove along with instant noodles in the hopes of finding a secluded area in the bush to have lunch - unfortunately our plans were thwarted by a phone call from his dad reminding him that he had to help with his sister’s moving out! So it was back to the city we went… with a pit stop at McDonald’s along the way ;)

A few shots from our short adventure:

I’m a city girl at heart, but there’s something I love about venturing out into the countryside. Being surrounded by high and mighty gum trees that stretch out towards the heavens, passing through small towns and reading up on their histories, marveling at the blackened trunks of trees that were affected by bush fires and wondering what it would have been like to be caught in one… there’s always so much to see and learn, feeding the insatiable appetite of my inquisitive mind. I’m already looking forward to our next adventure!

Food glorious food!

1 - Gastronomic delights at Chin Chin

2 - Caramelised sticky pork with sour herb salad & chilli vinegar

3 - Crispy barramundi & green apple salad with caramelised pork

4 - Palm sugar ice cream with salted honeycomb & lime syrup